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A Life of Meaning

I find that the more I research Slow Living, the more I feel like I am coming home. Mindful living, culling the unimportant and focusing on the important; letting go of the anxiety of thinking that the more you do, the more accomplished or successful you are, and just allowing myself to “be” have become my mantra. Of course, there are things I want to do, to accomplish, but so much of the world is focused on the external vision of success rather than the abject personal and inner focus of finding our own meaning; the definition of “value” we find for ourselves in our own lives. “Success” is so subjective, isn’t it? The world, society, shows us constantly through social media, mainstream media, movies, TV, what success “should” look like but when we slow down and take an introspective look at ourselves, our lives, and what we want the most, there is often a disconnect. I’ve decided the best thing I can do for myself is decide what matters most and move forward focusing on those things and give myself permission to say no to what doesn’t.

I’ve set goals for myself in my writing endeavor and, while I know I need to focus on ways to get my writing out to the world, I have decided to find ways to do so that are meaningful to me. These blog posts, newsletters, social media posts have suddenly become a pleasure by simply changing how I do them, speaking to others as if I were having a conversation face to face, not worrying over any of them is “reaching” and “impacting” – just sharing a good conversation about what is real and meaningful to me. I feel that maybe, just maybe, others out there are searching for genuine, meaningful interactions, also. Maybe what I write will find those like minds. I hope so.

So, here’s to the unusual, unique, lurkers and observers, and those who are outspoken with something to say out there in the world today. I’m here. Let’s talk.

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