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Fate....will break your heart....

Ryen Lesli's latest heartbreaker. This is a MUST READ. The Witch is an amazing author and her phenomenal series, The Beginning of the End, is just getting started. Trust me, you NEED to read this series. You'll thank me later. My Goodreads review below:

All of the words I would use to describe books that I love pale in meaning when applied to Ryen’s Fate, the second in the BOTE series. I was almost afraid to read Fate. Afraid that, somehow, Fate would not move me the way River did, because I love River so very much. Well...Fate moved me. It left me speechless. Fate broke my heart. It broke me into a million tiny pieces. Ryen’s writing style literally grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. It holds you tightly and won’t let you look away even when you cry and want to hide your eyes. This book bleeds emotion - fear, anger, hurt, loathing, lust, love, devotion, loyalty. An overwhelming need for vengeance and completion leaves you feeling raw and exposed. I will not add a spoiler because Ryen’s novels deserve to be experienced with no reveals. Settle in when you start Fate - I dare you to try to put it down once you start reading. I finished it in one sitting. READ. THIS. BOOK.

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