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February Musings

2020 is in full swing and February is crazy busy! My current WIP is taking shape nicely and I hope in the coming months to begin the reveal process for book one of this series that is so precious to me. The characters and content are challenging and I just hope to do it justice!

I've also been reading work by so many new, talented authors who are creating amazing work! I'm trying to add them to my Writers to Watch page so please check that page out for info from some of my favorite new authors. So many talented creatives out there - my TBR list is growing exponentially! :)

One thing that I have noticed in my interactions with other writers over the last few months is the commonality of one surprising point. Well, maybe it isn't so surprising when you give it a lot of thought, but I have still been surprised that I am not the only one who feels the way I do about my work. What is this surprising point? Several authors have talked of how hard it is to actually release their work once it is completed and ready to publish. After days, weeks, months, even years of work and an excitement to finally publish, when it comes time to actually release that precious piece into the reading world, some find themselves overwhelmed with fear, sadness, anxiety, and doubt. I've heard people say that their stories and characters are so much a part of them and their lives that letting go is painful and difficult. I completely understand these feelings. Not only do we fear rejection and criticism, we fear the fact that others will actually be holding this work in their hands, scrutinizing not only our writing style and content, but those precious characters that have become all to real to us as we have listened to them and shaped their words and their stories. Difficult to overcome, yes? I wonder if it ever gets easier...

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