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Hard at Work

Finally finished the interior format of my new book! Book one in the series is complete and will be released July 14th – I can’t wait but, at the same time, I’m terrified! This precious story that I have been working on for YEARS will finally be launched into the world and, while exhilarating, it is the most frightening sensation. Writers are so sensitive, aren’t they? Always second-guessing themselves. One minute they feel like they’re on top of the world, that what they’re bleeding onto paper is actually GOOD; the next, they’re agonizing over sharing their work because WHAT IF…what if it sucks and no one will like what they’ve shared? What if their work, that they’re so proud of, is actually trite, boring, lifeless…The ironic part is, there’s only one way to find out. They have to release it; let it fly free among the masses out there that are searching for their next book adventure and escape, to truly know if what they have bled onto the pages will find its way to the people searching for it and thrill some nameless face in the crowd.

I think artists, whatever their medium, whether it be words, paint, clay, etc., are the bravest creatures who walk the planet. They open their hearts and souls through their work and share it with the world. The fear is real.

With book one complete, title and cover to be revealed soon, I’m hard at work on book two, which should be complete in the coming weeks. Books three, four, and five are also always open and ready in case I am inspired and need to write a scene in one of them. This is something I learned from another writer, K Webster, who wrote a fantastic little book called "From Paused to Prolific” – I admire her tenacity and work ethic. She has written eighty books in the last four years, which absolutely blows me away! I’ve enjoyed several of her books and have such admiration for the fact that she writes what she wants, no holds barred or worry over how it will be received. I highly recommend her how-to book on writing. It has changed how I view my work and her advice and encouragement are wonderful.

So, back to work for me! Since, like many writers, I have a full time job out in the world, my writing time is very precious and, at times, hard to come by, so I have to take all I can get, especially on the weekends. If you’re interested, please click over to my home page at for a little sneak peek at book one, coming soon. As launch day gets closer, I’ll be giving out more little sneaky peeks and let the characters introduce themselves!

Take care out there. The world is a bit crazy. Be kind to yourself and others and slow down when you can. While crazy, the world is a beautiful place filled with beautiful souls. Look around. Breathe deeply. Listen.

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