• Noelle

A New Endeavor!

Hello all! I have decided to start a blog on Goodreads in order to share my reviews regarding other authors and their work. Since I became active on Twitter, I have found that I enjoy reading new material by emerging authors even more than reading mainstream, known authors. I have made it my goal to read as many books by talented new authors as possible each month and I always leave a review here on Goodreads as well as Amazon, if that is where I purchase the book. There's so much talent out there that I want to support others who, like me, are just learning the ropes. Not only are these amazing authors a constant source of encouragement, they are supportive and always willing to share what they have learned. My goal is to update this blog weekly with information about the authors I have read and point to my reviews of their material. Thank you to all the amazing people on Twitter and Facebook who are always willing and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and experience! Please join me each week as I explore new reading material and genres!

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