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So write, already

Writing is a lonely endeavor, isn't it? It's so easy to put off, allow yourself to be interrupted, and prioritize so many other things ahead of your WIP, don't you think? I know I struggle with this frequently - family, friends, fun activities, or even being downright lazy all seem to get in the way of my writing at times. Life is made up so many rabbit trails that it can be easy for our writing to go by the wayside while we follow those trails, or just deal with life, period.

I know that my characters and story are always there, always with me, and my internal "video feed" is always playing in my mind. It feels like they are so much a part of me, they are as real as my "real life" :) They are certainly a loud and demanding bunch at times!

So why, then, do I find myself staring at my laptop literally frozen in fear after several weeks of no writing? Why does the thought of actually diving back in terrify me after a short time has passed? It's like I'm paralyzed, like the story and characters in my head refuse to make the jump from the internal video feed to the laptop. They suddenly go quiet as my brain and my heart begin to fight - brain says, "Be logical, just do it" and heart says, "What if I actually suck as a writer? What if I've been fooling myself all along?" The heart also likes to point out all of the wonderful books by other authors that I've been reading and say ..."what if we're not good enough?"

This has been where I am for a few weeks now. It's amazing how alone you can feel when you are in a funk like this, even though the brain tells me that ALL WRITERS struggle with this on occasion. I know what I have to do to move past this, so I guess we have to listen to the brain and disregard that tender heart sometimes. Jump in, break the seal, and move forward, right?

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