• Noelle

Tricia Copeland has done it again!

Kingdom of War is now available and I want to congratulate Tricia on the amazing third book in her Kingdom trilogy! My review is below and I have also included links to make it easy for everyone to find both her website and her work on Amazon.

What a roller coaster ride! The Kingdom of War is a thrill ride, packed with non-stop action, magic, witches, vampires, faeries, and other beings that I will not name so as not to spoil the ride for others! Copeland has outdone herself with the third in the trilogy of Elena, Camille, and Hunter. Entirely from Hunter's point of view, we are carried not only by his actions and feats of bravery and honor, but his innermost thoughts, fears, defeats, and triumphs. We see a young man who is constantly fighting against evil, not only from external attacks, but internal as well. We cheer for him, cry for him, and fall in love with the man of honor he is throughout his story. This book is truly an epiphany and the catharsis is mind-blowing. Thank you, Tricia Copeland!

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