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"Body spent, face soaked with tears and sweat, nose running and lips wet with drool and blood, she rests.

Moments later, rough hands release her from her bindings and a low, gravelly voice in the darkness startles her.  “Get dressed and leave.” 

Dizzy as the pain sets in, stiff from being bound, she cringes as she dresses. Covering her eyes in the too-brightly lit hallway outside the room, she closes the front door quietly as she leaves. The hollow ache in her heart spreads to her body, her steps heavy as she disappears into the night, alone." 



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Raven's Wrath - High Resolution - Copy.j

Sam Bennet's dream of studying overseas is everything she hoped it would be, until her close friend disappears into the night without a trace. Teaming up with those closest to her, Sam races against time to find her friend, fighting against dark, evil forces who will stop at nothing to devour and destroy them all.

"I like the characters in this book and immediately felt for them. The plot unfolded well and suspense held my attention throughout."

~Amazon Reviews

This is a great mystery/thriller that throws Wyoming native Sam into staid old London to pursue her academic dreams. She's 'a bright “look at me” flag of hickness in the middle of the black and plaid conservative umbrellas'. Throw in a bunch of evil doers skating close to the edge of the dark side of the supernatural and you have a snappy story that zips you through a great plot and builds to a tense ending.
Nicely drawn characters, great setting and strong plot.
Brighton is one to watch.

~Amazon Reviews

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