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Allow me to introduce you to the characters who have become such an integral part of my life. Their stories resonate; their battles, both internal and external, are intricate and dynamic.


Another sneak peak, soon to be released!

Wyoming: harsh, brutal, and beautiful. The family that lives on the Wyoming ranch, so far away from people and life as most people know it, love each other and their home. There, no one, including society, dictates who they should be and how they should live. Far from prying eyes, they live in glorious freedom to simply “be” and live life as a family that creates their own definition and dynamic. 
Two young woman, filled with joy in their life of service to the men they love and the family they adore, find peace and fulfillment within the definition of family created by the Masters. Loved and protected, they bloom in the Wyoming landscape under the care of a family who will stop at nothing to keep their family safe and utterly content. When the family is threatened, all will struggle in the fight to defend their life and those who share it. 

A story of family, the struggle to know oneself, and the courage to live a life worth defending. 

*Please note: this book, first in a series
, deals with adult material and strong sexual content. This content is not meant for anyone under the age of eighteen. 

Raven's Wrath - High Resolution - Copy.j
The Raven's Wrath
Sam Bennet is thrilled to be chasing her dream of studying overseas. When her best friend disappears late one night, her search uncovers an evil, dangerous presence. Her only hope is to find her friend before it's too late.
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