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Amazing Authors and Writers

Some of my favorite authors! Check back often - my favorites list is growing by the minute! I have personally read work by these talented writers and enjoyed each and every one!


Tricia Copeland *** Tricia writes Paranormal Romance and YA Romance. Her Kingdom Journals series is exceptional and I was thrilled to read them! Learn more about Tricia and her books at


Thomas A Fowler *** Thomas is an invaluable resource when it comes to marketing and branding and writes in a variety of genres, even screenplays! He just released his newest book, The Thales, and it is amazing! Check out his website at

Ryen Lesli *** The beautiful Witch's debut  novel, River, is one of the best books I have read in the last year. I cannot recommend this book enough and can't stop raving about it! This is a must-read! The second book in her Beginning of the End series, Fate, is an even more exciting ride than River. It broke my heart!! Find the Witch and her work here:

Todd Herzman *** This author has created not only amazing stories, but a prequel and  debut novel that is a phenomenal read! A Dark Inheritance and its prequel, The Seeker and the Sword, are the beginning of a series that I will definitely be following. Check out Todd's work at and at Amazon!

Emily *** Emily is an outstanding cover designer who is such a pleasure to work with. She created the amazing cover for my newest book, Soul Carving, and I highly recommend her work.

Send me a list of your favorite new authors and I will not only check them out, I'll add them to this list of fabulous authors! I'm always on the lookout for new reading adventures!

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