Amazing Authors and Writers

Some of my favorite up-and-coming authors! Check back often - my favorites list is growing by the minute! I have personally read work by each of these talented writers and enjoyed each and every one! You can find my full reviews on


Tricia Copeland *** Tricia writes Paranormal Romance and YA Romance. Her Kingdom Journals series is exceptional and I was thrilled to read them! Learn more about Tricia and her books at


Thomas A Fowler *** Thomas is an invaluable resource when it comes to marketing and branding and writes in a variety of genres, even screenplays! He just released his newest book, The Thales, and it is amazing! Check out his website at

Rowena Tisdale *** Known as the Sultry Scribe, Ro writes some hot, steamy erotica and her new book, The Heart Could Forget, was released on 2-14-2020! You can catch her at

Dea Poirer *** Dea's novel, Next Girl to Die, is a fantastic read! She wove a suspenseful, engaging story line with characters that I fell in love with. Her newest release, Beneath the Ashes, was recently released and it is amazing! Trust me, order these books at Amazon. 

WB Welch *** WB's book "Blood Drops" had me hiding under my covers! Her stories are creative and engaging and downright spooky! If you love horror, be sure to check her out!

Ryen Lesli *** The beautiful Witch's debut  novel, River, is one of the best books I have read in the last year. I cannot recommend this book enough and can't stop raving about it! This is a must-read! The second book in her Beginning of the End series, Fate, is an even more exciting ride than River. It broke my heart!! Find the Witch and her work here:

Todd Herzman *** This author has created not only amazing stories, but a prequel and  debut novel that is a phenomenal read! A Dark Inheritance and its prequel, The Seeker and the Sword, are the beginning of a series that I will definitely be following. Check out Todd's work at and at Amazon!

Susan Uttendorfsky's webpage is full of valuable information. If you're looking for editing services, be sure to look her up. She is very kind and always willing to offer great advice! Check out Susan's website for tons of helpful insight and editing services galore!



Send me a list of your favorite new authors and I will not only check them out, I'll add them to this list of fabulous authors! I'm always on the lookout for new reading adventures!