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A bit of introspection as fall begins to show its face

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

This week, I started wondering if the content I write here in my blog is confusing to others. I realized that I spend a great deal of time talking about slow living and homesteading and returning to a simpler life, one that moves us to a life of less stress, less anxiety, and a more focused reality. Of course, these things are strictly subjective – everyone must take time for introspection, reflection, and self-awareness in order to determine what this type of life looks like and how it feels, but I can’t help but think that the underlying axis of power is simply that: the power to choose how one lives their life and creates their own definitions of happiness, joy, and bliss. Joseph Campbell once said: “follow your bliss,” and that word, bliss, is not necessarily the same for everyone.

I wondered if people were confused by the fact that I spend so much of my blog time writing about this instead of telling you all about my books.

I guess I’m not very good at this marketing stuff, am I?

Yes, I am a writer. I write fiction. I write books that I want to read, no matter what anyone else may think of the content and material that I write. I write for me and just hope that someone else out there might enjoy my books, also. Maybe my content will resonate with others, maybe not. Either way, I write what I want to read, and it brings me profound joy and satisfaction. if I look at the bigger picture, my blog content is directly connected to my fiction writing. In order to write, I have to make it a priority. To make it a priority, I have to evaluate the other things in my life and world and place them all on a scale of importance – this allows me to decide where to spend my time, energy, and direction. This process, if one is coming from a mindset of creating a new, joyful life, is essential in order to get to the point of living the life that is their bliss.

So, I guess it isn’t terribly confusing if you drill down to the point of living the life you want to live. The connection between my fiction writing and the lifestyle I am working towards, and have found so incredibly satisfying, is unavoidable. I’m not a person who can juggle dozens of different activities, people, jobs, and details at one time. I know it is the “thing” to be able to do this and there are many how-to books out there on time management so one can “have it all,” but I have found that this is not a life that works for me. Living that way exhausts me, as it tends to force me to have to focus on people, activities, and work that I don’t enjoy or find exhilarating. I have found that to experience joy, I need to focus on the people, things, and activities where I find value, peace, and fulfillment. This is different for everyone, of course, but getting to the crux of what has meaning to you in your life is so terribly important.

I guess when I talk about my tomatoes (I have a few, yayyy!), living close to the land and building a homestead from scratch (the small cabin we’re building is coming along nicely, by the way!), pausing to watch the lovely meadowlarks, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and just sitting and drinking in the quiet and peace of where I live, I’m trying to convey to anyone who reads my blog that life doesn’t HAVE to be about having the latest and greatest, or the expensive home, or the mad rush within a world that is focused on consumerism and social media. My life may sound too simple, and a bit trite, to others, but it is the life that I have chosen. The life that brings me peace and feeds my soul and creativity. What life would you choose, if you could truly choose and it would happen for you? Would you grow vines of beautiful tomatoes? Would you hop in a sailboat and sail around the world? Or would it be as simple as not having to go to that party or social event and just stay home in your comfy clothes and read a good book, alone? Please stop and take some time to really think about that. That is the point of my blog, I guess. I want to encourage you to decide for yourself what life you desire and make it happen. Life is so fleeting. Don’t let the world or society decide for you. I’m here cheering you on, and I want to encourage you all the way. You can make it happen. I believe in you.

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