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Between family events, vacations, and beautiful weather calling you to the outdoors, it can be so hard to stay on track and maintain your writing schedule, don't you think?! Or is it just me :) I have to say, it is easy to cozy up with the laptop in lap and write the days away during winter months but when the sun is a siren's call, it can be hard to focus! What do you do to stay focused and keep your writing schedule on track? I recently purchased a new Mac Air and, thanks to the long battery life, am excited to tote it with me everywhere I go. My dinosaur laptop was heavy and had no battery life, so it made writing on the go challenging. I'm thinking some trips to the lake are in order now, and enjoying the shade at a few outdoor patio coffee shops will be on my to-do list for the next few weeks! Drop me a line if you have any sage advice for writers who struggle with their summer writing schedules - I'll be sure to pass it on! Happy summer!

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